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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Panhandle Outdoors, Oil Spill Special Edition: A Great Resource!

I know this blog is suppose to focus on my Extension work here in Collier County, but I wanted to share with you a great resource some of my Sea Grant and UF Extension Colleagues have put together regarding the Gulf Oil Spill. The "Panhandle Outdoors" is a newsletter put together by the UF Extension Agents in Florida's Northwest districit, which encomposes the Panhandle region. These agents have done an outstanding job working with their local communities to address a variety of  issues associated with the oil spill and the newsletter highlights their work and topics of concern. If you get a scond, please check them out. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading them and have learned a lot myself!

Summer Edition
The articles in this issue provide a place to start and cover a variety of topics including a basic introduction to oil spills, clean-up and response methods, seafood safety, human stress, and environmental impacts.

Fall Edition:
The oil spill is “over” and the clean-up is winding down.  The economic and environmental impacts however, will likely last much longer.  The Fall issue of Panhandle Outdoors takes another look at the immediate response to the spill and its impacts, and then turns an eye to the future and continued recovery

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