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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Regulation Changes for Gulf Amberjack and Gag Grouper Comming this Summer

This summer Gulf recreational anglers will face new regulations for two popular species commonly targeted in the region. At its recent meeting, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission  (FWC) approved a rule amendment to establish a two-month closed recreational harvest season for amberjack in Gulf of Mexico state waters June 1st through July 31st. This rule will be consistent with anticipated new rules in Gulf federal waters. (Final approval of the closure in state waters will be contingent on approval of the closure in federal waters.) Gulf amberjack are considered to be overfished and undergoing overfishing. By law, if a stock is determined to be overfished or experiencing overfishing, regional management councils must take immediate action to rebuild stocks to sustainable levels within in 10 years. To see details of the proposed action visit:

In addition, FWC approved a rule amendment regarding the 2011 open and closed recreational harvest seasons of gag grouper in Gulf state waters. The state's proposed rules would be consistent with anticipated interim rules in Gulf federal waters. Like amberjack, Gulf gag grouper are considered overfished and experiencing overfishing. Interim federal rules, which are put in place until a final management plan can be implemented, have prohibited the recreational harvest of gag grouper in federal waters since January. The federal prohibition is expected to be in effect through the end of 2011, except for a planned Sept. 16th through Nov. 15th open recreational harvest season for gag grouper in the Gulf. To learn more information about the state's proposed rules visit:

To learn more about the federal management plans for amberjack and gag grouper in the Gulf, visit the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council at: http://www.gulfcouncil.org/

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