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Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 1 of Collier County Fishing Camp at Freedom Park

Casting Practice
Today I started the second of my two youth sport fishing camps with Collier County's Parks and Recreation Department. This camp is based out of Freedom Park in Naples.
My colleague Barry, who is a county park ranger,and I team-teach the 5-day class. Stewardship is an important part of the program. Besides teaching basic angling skills (i.e. casting, knot tying, tackle ID), we address fish handling and release practices, fisheries management, and marine debris. Today we fished at the ponds at Freedom Park and everything was catch and release. The kids kept us busy, and it was HOT! Several of the students pulled in some nice-sized fish. Tilapia seemed to be the catch of the day, but we also caught some red- eared sunfish, and a few largemouth bass. Enjoy the pictures from day one!

Casting target practice

Discussion on ethical angling

dehooking tool practice

students helping one another on how to use a dehooking tool

Boardwalk fishing

An unexpected visitor!

Nice tilapia

red-eared sunfish

Patiently waiting for a bite

practicing with the dehooking tool

students learn to bait their own hooks

A nice largemouth bass pulled out of Freedom Park

knot tying practice


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