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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Collier County Youth Sport Fishing Camp Day 2

Today members of the Backcountry Flyfishing Club of Naples stopped by to teach our students about fly fishing. These guys are great! The students lenared how to tie their own flies and practiced casting with a fly reel (something I'll admit I can't do!). They did a great job, and were excited about the flies they made and got to keep. Big thanks goes out to the club members!!!
Following the fly fishing demos, we went back out to the lake for some more fishing. We used live and plastic worms today. Overall, the bite wasn't great, but towards the end, it picked up. The students caught several blue gill and redear sunfish. One student caught a Mayan cichlid. I was glad some of the kids got the opportunity to use a dehooking tool to release their fish.We then headed back inside and played a game called "Casting for Conservation". Students try to catch laminated fish with magnets attached to them and reel them in. If they catch a fish, they have to identify it, measure how long it is, and then look in the fishing regulations to see if it is a legal fish. Its a great way to have the students practice short casts while learning fish identificaiton, and how to read and follow the state's fishing regulations. Talk to you later!!!

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  1. Its nice to see parents teach their kids on how to catch fish at an early age. That way they know the value of doing such activity & appreciate nature at the same time.

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