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Monday, March 28, 2011

Learning More about Venting and Recompression

Recently scientists and fisheries managers  met in Atlanta to evaluate the difficult problem of increasing the survival of fish caught from deep water. These fish are particularly susceptible to mortality from barotrauma, the bloat and internal organ damage caused by pressure change.

New research findings from the West Coast and elsewhere indicate that the survival of these fish can be significantly increased using a variety of methods that quickly return the fish to depth while minimizing injury. Research shows high survival rates for rockfish in depths up to 300 feet. (Watch this dramatic video of the release of a yelloweye rockfish.)
Participants concluded the best methods for ensuring survival entail using a recompression technique that safely returns the fish to depths, minimizing injury. One crate recompression device is illustrated at this link. Recompression is the preferred option. Venting fish can also be a useful method to return fish to depth. Evidence has shown that it can be helpful for some species, but the research for many other species is either lacking or inconclusive.
To learn more details about the barotrauma workshop visit: http://www.fishsmart.org/Reports/workshopnews.pdf

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