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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 2 Collier County Fishing Camp

Today my students kept me busy by catching lots of fish. In fact, one student caught over 20 fish! We once again fished in fresh water and today's catch included largemouth bass, blue gill, red eared sunfish, Mayan cichlid, and even a gar. Overall I was pleased with the students' progress in tying their own knots and baiting their own hooks. After fishing I had students practice measuring fish and reading the state's fishing regulations to determine if fish were legal to keep or not. The students also participated in a food web activity to illustrate the relationships among critters in our estuary. To further illustrate this point, we did an oyster ecology lesson where the students poked and prodded through oyster clumps to look for various organisms such as crabs, worms, amphipods, snails, sponges, tunicates, bryozoans, and barnacles.
Enjoy the pictures!

Ranger Barry helping a student dehook his catch.

One happy angler!

nice bass!

several students caught Mayan cichlids which made for a good lesson on non-native species.

The first gar ever caught at one of my camps

first catch of the day!

reading the fishing regulations

A student measuring a cut out of a red grouper

A student checks out a gravid female mud crab.

Examining oyster clumps for biodiversity

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