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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lionfish Seem to be the Topic of the Day!

Well, this isn't the kind of news we want to hear, but lionfish don't seem to be going away. The problem seems to be getting worse. I received these headlines and email in the past two days.

Efforts to spear invasive lionfish not likely to curb population, UF researchers say

Invasive lionfish now spotted in Florida's Loxahatchee River

The following was from an email from  I received from John Dodrill who is with FWC's artificial reef program
Lionfish from Recent Seamap Cruise

"FYI- SEAMAP monitoring recently picked up 17 lionfish in a single 30 minute trawl tow between Tampa and Charlotte Harbor. In the last month this office has been receiving isolated reports of individual lionfish observed on artificial reefs off Apalachicola (Franklin County), Bay County, and Okaloosa County.

This past Saturday Co-worker Keith Mille noted a lionfish in 180 ft. of water on a Panamanian freighter sunk by a U-boat during WWII off Volusia County. Lionfish were observed on that central FL east coast wreck as long ago as 2003."


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